Some bunny turned one!

I enjoy decorating... a lot. So when my babe's day was coming up, I got out my little notepad and started planning. I am super excited to share our special day with you! 

We had a crazy (good) day. We got to the park and it started sprinkling on and off. Then it started pouring! We paused, prayed, and waited. The sun half came out and the rain stopped. Thank God! We enjoyed celebrating and had a relaxing time.

There wasn't too many kiddos so the party was more for adults. I had a few more things planned out for kids like our bubble machine(which we brought but totally forgot about because we were having too much fun already) and a kiddy pool filled with plastic balls. But the weather wasn't too kind to us. The dudes were busy playing volleyball, the gals enjoyed chatting, and Mira was busy going from arm to arm throughout the party and walking when she could. She's been doing so much better now and can walk by herself a long way! You go girl! I made the girls green head wreaths and the babes tribal feather headbands. Couldn't leave the dudes out so they got to wear feathers in their hair too! And they all got to take them home as gifts. 

So, affordable teepee in Sam's Club, score! The tapestry was made from paper crepe streamers with a gold-dipped leaf garland in the front. We were going for en elegant boho feel so little Mira's dress from Rose and Belle Clothing was spot on! And her moccs are just $15 from The Little Doe! Most of the materials for the headbands are from Michaels. So, Kelli Murray. She is just wonderful. I fell in love with her and her designs and she was my inspiration for this party.

The table was sweet and simple with silver platters, vases with all sorts of greens and silverware and tablecloths from In-Style Design Center. Plus, gold spray-painted rocks to hold the plates down. The calligraphy wood board was written with the words from the song I walked down the aisle to and they were just so perfect for little M!   

We didn't get too many family pictures in because when a girls gotta sleep a girls gotta sleep! Thankful for the love Mira got especially on this special day. Well, still can't believe it...this goofy girl is one! Happy birthday our sweet girl!