The best client ever.

I've been taking photos of Mira every month and it's so wonderful to look back and see how much she has changed and grown! She's my best client.


Mini photo sessions with this girl are so fun! Either because she's that good at it or because she's mine. This birthday photoshoot was to fill up that last month photo, but my husband loved them so much he insisted on continuing doing them every month! 

The banner is made from letter cutouts from regular printer paper and the bubble machine is from Target. The dress is from handy Baby Gap. We love everything from there. 

Bringing bubbles into this shoot made it that much much better! She was so excited most of the time and so fascinated by them! They did make our bed soaking wet, being on for 15 minutes or so, but they are scented so that made the room smell delicious.  


You can never have too many pictures of your babies. 

This was a fast little shoot we had right outside our house. There is a nice batch of green so I took advantage of it. 

Super simple crown was made from chenille pipe cleaners from Michaels and to my surprise, she didn't take it off! She usually takes whatever is on her head off the moment it comes on. 

Thanks to grandpa for his help and patience. (Patience for me, not little Mira) She adores him...and all her grandparents.