The most important relationship in your life.

I was laying in bed, not sleeping (because my sweet husband let me have a nap in the afternoon) and I was pondering over my relationship with Jesus. I was wondering why I wasn't referring to Him in many of my thoughts and conversations. Right away, I caught myself thinking, "I try so hard to be close to God and I really try to make time for Him." And I quickly realized I'm lying to myself. I don't try at all. I don't make time for him. I put other things in front of Him, may that be Netflix or even family. When a thought comes to my mind to read His word, I think to myself, "I'll do it later for sure" and I go back to wasting my precious time and never getting to actually read. 

You can't be lazy in relationships. When you stop trying, the relationship starts to die. For example, can you imagine not talking to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend for a week and not listen to what they have to say? That's enough time, right? Any sane person can tell you that the relationship is not going to last long unless you change and start trying. Why do people think it's different with God? 

It's the same with God. You need to make sure you do everything in your power to maintain that relationship with Him. You need to try to make it work. It doesn't come easy. No relationship does. But when you understand how much you need Him and ask Him to help, it's that much easier. The wonderful thing about Jesus being on the other side of that relationship is that He will never stop trying. He will always be there for you. He wants you to be close but it's all up to you and you're the only one who can make that choice. 

Has this happened to you? It's time to go to church. You don't feel like going and you make up excuses in your head on why you can't go. But then you just go, listen to the word and love it. You think to yourself, "I'm so glad I came today!" You know this happens all the time. And next week you do it all over again. I notice this in myself allll the time. Whether it's to simply read the bible or actually go to church or a conference or even turning on a sermon on youtube. The enemy takes away our desire for God. Just do it and go. 

I heard a wonderful sermon at my church recently about towels. Yes, towels, the pieces of super soft, absorbing fabric that hang on your bathroom wall for decoration and don't you dare wipe your hands on them. The pastor who was speaking (so bummed I don't remember his name but if I find out, I'll definitely post it) showed us a messed up, cut, dirty towel. It was a wedding gift for his and his wife's wedding (it was NOT gifted in that condition). At first, they hung it up on the rack in their bathroom for decoration and it shouldn't be used. Then, the style changed in the bathroom and that light pink towel did not match the decor anymore and they started using it for wiping hands. That towel soon got too dirty for hands and they began washing the floors with it. Next, it went to the garage to dry the cars. One day, the pastor needed a small piece so he cut it from that towel. It's next stop will probably be to clean the oil from the car. 

The towel existed to serve it's master. It was not meant to hang on a wall. It was meant to be used whenever, wherever, and however. Towels don't have a voice in when they are used. We exist to serve our master, Jesus Christ, not for just sitting pretty. We are all called to serve and as His servants, we are ready and available to serve when God needs us. So get ready to be used. 

Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life. Don't get lazy with it because it's a two way commitment. God is doing His part, are you doing yours?